A Town Called Earth

The Cannibal King of the North

The Party looks for work.

Our motley crew comes into the town of Obed. They meet the sheriff, Ellie Briggs. She’s suspicious at first but is won around by her desperate need of hired help. She asks them to lunch with her later to explain the situation. She tells them that if they need medical assistance or a place to room and board the church is always looking for volunteers and explorers.

They mosey on down to the church, Conner dismounts and waits with the horses. The rest of the group meets Harmony, a nano interning with the church. Conner spends his time perusing the plants. They all have medical uses, practical as well as beautiful. As the rest of the group makes their way in Jack Jack, asks her what her favourite plants in the garden are, taken aback by his keen interest in botany, she tells him of the ruins north east of the town, where there are wolves made of plants, Blindweed, and Sharpthorn, and they all obey a spoken word of “Melora”.

They meet Father Clarity, the patriarch of the church in Obed. A man of eclectic tastes and scattered thoughts. Jack Jack bluffs his way into saying that they’ve already procured work from him.

He tells them that they’ll pay them in cyphers if they go to the ruins and scout it out. He also offer’s to deep brain scan Pa, but Pa realizes he’s being charmed and refuses.

They sign a contract with Brother Verity and head off for lunch with Sheriff Briggs. They notice that they’re being followed by a rather large gentleman, he walks up to the group and asks if they’re going to meet the sheriff, after they affirm his suspicions he walks them to the office. At that point he gets Ellie’s attention and then leaves, presumably to do whatever it is a deputy does.

She takes them to Joe’s Chops, a neobovine steakhouse. And pays for their meal. She explains to them they’ve had a rash of suicides, and asks them to investigate, saying she’ll reward them with 300 shins, an incredibly large amount of money, and diplomatic immunity for any laws they may breach in pursuit of their goal.

The group accepts, taking 75 of the 300 promised shins as operational expenses. Pa and Yuri head to the morgue, whilst JJ and Conner make their way to the pit to raise a bit of capital.

JJ scrounges up a fight between Conner and a Patrolman, pitching it as an ages old fight between the mountain’s rangers and the indigenous northern population.

Pa and Yuri scan the bodies, and come to realize that they have all, firstly, been hit with some very powerful psychic suggestion, and secondly, all had cybernetics removed.

After explaining this to the sheriff they head towards the fight. They meet JJ just as he’s stirring up the crowd. But the match gets off to a bad start as Yuri triggers the pit’s nano countermeasures. The floor starts pulling in to the centre, as the battleground gets smaller Tryrim, Conner’s opponent get’s spooked and his mutant powers become clear. A third arm sprouts from his chest and he moves forward hunting for a grapple. Luckily JJ had covered Conner in super lubricating gel. Conner slips all the attempts to be grappled but can’t seem to land a hit either, Conner sticks to the edge of the arena hoping to ring out his opponent. After Tryrim’s last valiant attempt to grab him, Conner ducks through and tries to push him over, he mistook the tell of Tryrim’s stiffening right shoulder as a weakness. As his hand landed on the shoulder another arm erupted from the joint and pushes Conner back, this unfortunately pushes Tryrim back over the edge of the arena. He grips onto the edge of the arena. As Conner raises his heel to stamp Tryrim off, the bell goes and he stops.

Later in Gazlowe Fink’s office he offers them a deal, he can give them their prize money and 50 shins to leave or he can offer them a job opportunity. He proposes that they recover an artifact from the ruins in the north east. Something called the Silver Tongue. In exchange he will give them an artifact called the Yesterglass. A device that can show the most important event that happened in an area. Be it days or millions of years ago.

They accept, expecting to kill two birds with one stone on their trip to the ruins.

Yuri and Jack Jack retire to the church, whereas Conner and Pa take to the Devil’s Run, where they are celebrated and get a free room for their fight. After scanning the room Pa gets a huge hit of psychic energy off of a quiet guy drinking alone, he asks the barman who he is, the barman replies that he’s Veride, he’s a drunk, but he’s quiet and pays his bills.

After a while Harmony shows up, and after a brief exchange she talks with Veride, the conversation gets heated and she leaves, later Veride is visibly angered and steals the barman’s gun. He runs out after Harmony.

Connor gives chase, but has fallen far behind. Veride stops and psychically commands Connor to “Go back.”, as Connor walks away. He hears the crack of a gunshot.


Yuri yay Fireworks! – alert alert ‘Nano activity’ detected!

The Cannibal King of the North
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