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Earth has fallen…

And risen, and fallen again.

Our planet is a desolate husk, littered with artifacts from dead civilizations, human or otherwise.

From the glass deserts of the pan-asian continent, and depths of labyrinthine machine catacombs…
To the floating mechanoid castles of europe and the stars themselves.

A Town Called Earth

A Numenera Campaign.

The Current Group (weighing in at 4 members):

  • Jack Jack, a stealthy Jack who howls at the moon. Played by Callum.
  • Pa Zhan, a tough Nano who wields two weapons. Played by Adam.
  • Yuri No Hoshi, a swift Nano who bears a halo of fire. Played by Heather.
  • Connor Westwood, a rugged Glaive who lives in the wilderness. Played by George.

Home Page

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